How Do You Choose A Wellington Short Sale Agent?

July 30th, 2012 23:56

How do you choose a Wellington Short Sale Agent? 

If you own a home in Wellington Florida and you are upside in your mortgage you do have some options. 
You can stay in your home and make the payments , you can stop making your payments ( we do not advise this choice) so you can go into foreclosure or you can choose to do a short sale. 

You can learn more about a Wellington short sale here on my youtube channel. 

How do you choose a Wellington short sale agent from all the agents that are in Wellington Florida? 

Just because they have taken a certification course does not make them an expert on short sales in Wellington. You should ask them how many short sales they have successfully transacted and negotiated in behalf of sellers. 

Why not buyers? Because a buyers agent has no bearing on the success of a short sale successfully closing outside of keeping the buyers up to date as to what is going on based on what the listing agent tells them. The bank is not going to talk to the buyers' agent in most cases. 

Why not list with your family member or relative? Because they may not understand the different negotiating techniques that an experienced Wellington Short Sale agent makes. 

You don't even have to like the agent you choose to help you as long as they know how to do short sales in Wellington, that is all that matters at the end of the day.  Call Nestor Gasset and Katerina Gasset at 561-753-0135 to list your Wellington short sale today. 


Wellington short sale services and agents are dedicated to help Wellington Florida homeowners in distress to do a short sale on their home and avoid foreclosure. We also work with Wellington Equestrian... Read More

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How Do You Choose A Wellington Short Sale Agent?

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